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Life is about creating memories, experiences, and moments with the ones who matter most to you. That’s why we’ve dedicated Northern Way to helping pre- and post-retirees, and healthcare professionals address their time doing what they love — like enjoying life.

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As a member of the Northern Way client community, you enjoy a financial planning process that helps put your retirement in motion. We work together to build lasting income and wealth for the retirement season of life.

Our GPS process helps to instill confidence and keep our clients on track to achieving their financial goals.

We offer personalized service and attention, with like-minded advisors and clients, to ensure that every client receives tailored recommendations that align with their unique needs and objectives

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Healthcare Professionals

We understand that healthcare professionals are built for service, not finances, and have unique needs when it comes to financial planning. With industry changes, burnout, and turnover being common challenges, we address your specific concerns directly, ensuring a secure financial future amidst uncertainty. 

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Entering Retirement

You are five years from retirement and have always had a plan for life. You’ve worked hard for years, raised your family and are looking for direction about the next stage of life. When you work with Northern Way, you join a community of people who seek to understand your passions and purpose for the future.

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Enjoying Retirement

The average person lives 20+ years past their working years. Today’s modern retirement is not all rocking chairs and fishing. That’s why Northern Way partners with our clients to help ensure that your retirement saving provides you with the income needed to thrive throughout the next stage of life.

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Income & Tax Planning

Whether you’re postponing income, accelerating deductions, or controlling when income is recognized, there are many ways to minimize your income taxes. This type of planning is an ongoing process, with the ultimate goal to reduce your tax liability and keep more of what you’ve earned. 


Investment Management

At Northern Way, our focus is to help ensure a worry-free retirement.  Our well-rounded investment strategy starts by assessing your risk tolerance, making adjustments to reduce fees, and organizing, tracking and testing your plan. Let us guide you toward a secure financial future.


Legacy Planning

Are you ready to secure your legacy and safeguard your wealth for generations to come? We help you create a solid plan that covers estate management, tax optimization, charitable giving, and more. It’s never too early to start thinking about the future and securing your loved ones’ financial stability for generations to come.


Healthcare Planning

It’s crucial to plan for health care costs during retirement. But calculating the right amount depends on several factors- your income, age, location, and life expectancy. We assess these and other factors – like Medicare or supplementary plans too. We help you make informed decisions about saving for your future healthcare needs now so you can worry less later.

We are built on a strong foundation that believes in hard work, service to others, and an authentic approach to always educating our clients along their retirement journey.
Northern Way Founder Jere Smith
Jere Smith, CFP
Northern Way Founder

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